♥ Big booty, Big bag, They big mad ♥

Oh my goodness!! Its felt like such a long time since I've last been on here! How is everyone doing? I successfully completed my mission from Scotland to London for the one and only, Wireless Festival 2022!

I honestly cannot even begin to express how amazing it was!! I left on Saturday 9th July at around 10am and We arrived for just shortly after noon! Going to the airport as an adult was such an adventure alone, the plane ride was even better! We had a short journey from Gatwick Airport to Camden, London. But, that was really easy to navigate as there was a train station based within the airport. What an absolute bonus that really was as the temperatures were a blistering 25C. As a Scot, I am definitely not equipped physically for those temperatures ahaha!

We finally made it to our gorgeous little hotel located on Swinton Street after our short train ride. I often do pat myself on the back for doing something like this as it is truly such a big step for me mentally! (Not only that - it was the longest time and furthest away I've ever been from my children!) We managed to settle ourselves in quickly and started to prepare for a lovely walk around London.

As Sunday morning began to roll in, we knew this was it. We were finally going to see City Girls!! Finally our year long dream of seeing them was turning into a reality! All the waiting had finally paid off.

♥ Nasty but classy, Birken bag me ♥

Hello and a very warm welcome to milkiee.com!. I am the proud owner I am so excited to finally get stuck back in with this as I have missed it far too much! I am the last owner of astriid.co!

Some of you may remember me, long story short, I had to take some time away as my youngest son was extremely unwell. I was really unsure at points if my son was going to make it. Fast forward to now my son is so much better. He is a fighter. I have also recently been diagnosed with CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Thats for another blog post one day <3.

I am off to Wireless Festival Finsbury Park with my bestie! We are travelling from Scotland to London to go and see City Girls and Nicki Minaj! please stay tuned for updates on that as I am hoping to share some memories with you all!